Saturday, October 8, 2016

Miniature Forest in Austin Texas

Miniature Forest in Austin Texas located in the Area West of ATX easy access through ATX.FARM

The idea began with a painting made around 1995, the Painting title " The Last Forest " Oil on Canvas by Artist Dapacu

The Last Forest
Oil on Canvas
Circa 1995
The First Live Miniature Forest was Made in 2008, Followed with Ecosferes which are Tiny Living Forest inside sealed containers, followed by Living Walls as you may find in Ecosferes.Com
Artist Dapacu, Austin Texas Resident since 1992, Rancher, Entrepreneur, Creator of Multidimensional Art; wanted to create a way to Reforest the Planet!
With 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day imagine worldwide the devastation to trees.
Dapacu Artist grew bonsais when young, this is a mix of Art with Nature and in a way bonsai Forest of Thousands of Living Trees Per Square Yard, making the leaves around 95% smaller!
A Forest in a Box, and Such Box, could reforest several acres of land or be kept in miniature Forever... The Forest could live longer than our life! One Box, Hundreds of Living Trees!
The Beauty of a Tree! The Older it Gets, The More Beautiful it Looks!
 The Oldest Living Being in the Planet!
TREES OF OVER 5000 YEARS OLD and still living!
All what the trees get to see and feel in their life, is Power, is Amazing! is Life!
Dapacu Has Created Miniature Forest of Elms, Liquidambar, Oaks, Pines, and Mixed
Here is a Little Photo Gallery  of Miniature Forests by Dapacu, Unique in the World, since
nobody else has ever made Miniature Forest with so many trees per space, and if they did, does not appear in google, Neither Ecosferes, Neither Living Walls or other of the Artist Unique Creations Are True Original Works, MULTIDIMENSIONAL ART.
Knowing Nature, Protecting it with Creativity for the Ultimate Beauty.
Miniature Forests Are Extremely Limited, therefore the current prices start at $1500 USD .
Reserve Yours, is Forever!
Liquidambar Forest. (Sweet Gum Tree) Fall Colors
 First Miniature Forest Ever Made With Thousands of Trees
This Forest Was Sold, No Recent Photos Are Available.
The Photos Herein Are of the Forest at 7 Years Old

The Whole Miniature Forest of Liquidambar Trees

Inside The Mini Forest had Horses, Cows, a Cave and also Small Hill

Pine Forest at Four Years Old
Also Sold, No Recent Photos Available.
Ecosfere With Moss, Size : 3 Inches By 2 Inches
Multidimensional Art by Dapacu
For the Most Recent Photos of Dapacu Works
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